Muslim Education Center of America (MECCA), Willow Brook, Illinois

McLean Islamic Center (MIC), Tyson's Corner, VA

Islamic Center of North America - Plainfield, Indiana


Educational Design/ Build, Library Addition & Renovation, Circulation Desk, Glass Wall Partition, Library Entrance (Indianapolis, IN). Planning, Design, Record Drawings, Permit, Construction

Islamic Center, Hampton Road, Virgina


Islamic Center, Bloomington Indiana

Bethel AME Church on the canal

Renovation with Historic Preservation to the main Sanctuary, classroom, Social Hall, Full service Kitchen, Pastor office suite, Dickens offices, Administrative offices, Historic and Archive Hall, Stair Towers, Roofing, Exterior rehabilitation, etc. $1.2 Mil Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Muslim Community Center, Beavercreek Ohio

Salvation Army New Rehabilitation Center, Indianapolis, IN

Chapel, Dorm facility, kitchen, Addition of retail store, warehouse and rehabilitation center.  $2.9 million - 1985-86.  Fast track project part of the PAN AM Olympic Games, Indianapolis, IN 1986.


Islamic Center of Central Missouri

New School, Expansion of Islamic Center Facility, 1999-2004

Turkish American Community Center, Lanham Maryland